Hartford ArtSpace Gallery

This is the UNOFFICIAL webpage for the Hartford ArtSpace Gallery. It is unofficial because we're actually the ones who volunteer to run the space, however there is no formal business organization behind the gallery. It is a community space established as a gallery 20 years ago, and has been volunteer-run by Tao LaBossiere, with various individuals helping over the years. Tao LaBossiere has provided his continuous and consistent commitment for the entire two decades.

Now, the gallery is volunteer run by Tao and Amy LaBossiere, with technical assistance by Jason Werner. 

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20th Anniversary of ArtSpace

Thanks to everyone who participated and joined us in this exhibit, sponsored by Art of Tao LaBossiere. 

Check out the Hartford Courant article by Susan Dunne, here.


Follow Us On Facebook

You can find the Hartford ArtSpace Gallery Facebook page by searching on Facebook. It's a public page you can follow. You can also find the group, which is a bit more interactive, by clicking the link below. 

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Want to have a show at ArtSpace? 

The first step in producing your own art show at ArtSpace is showing up and participating in a group event and show. Follow the gallery on Facebook and join a group show. Volunteer to assist show producers when possible, and get your feet wet in how it works. Meet volunteer director Tao LaBossiere and see about getting on the waiting list for an exhibition. No rentals, house parties or non-art events.