Create every day

Tao and I are both on a mission in 2019 to create every day. He is sketching and i am writing. Both of us have the intention of publishing books in 2020 in response to our work from this year. Tao’s sketches are more aptly described as fully rendered illustrations. Way beyond sketches. See some of them here.

Tao created more than 150 illustrations this year, most of them punny drawings that take four to eight hours to create. Meanwhile, I write about life and my spiritual view of the world. Most of my writing is between fifteen minutes and one hour at my desk or on my iPad somewhere outside, mostly at Still Waters Retreat Center, our other massive project. Writing is my journey into self and dancing with the divine. In the human experience, we don’t control much beyond our response to it. Creativity provides a feeling of control.

Life happens SO FAST and creativity is a wonderful way to slow down and savor the moment. Creativity can be explored through art making, writing, cooking, acting, music-making, gardening, or any other genre that involves personal participation. These expressive forms are what separate humans from all other creatures on our beautiful spinning planet.

Tao and I invite each and every person to give themselves permission to be creative. Finding one prolific genre is wonderful if the calling exists but that focus is not necessary in order to unleash the gift of a creative moment. Listen to the stirrings of your soul and see if a creative muse is whispering. Give her your time and attention. Who knows what you may learn about yourself.