Mural complete at J's Crab Shack

We are excited to announce that Art of Tao has completed another beautiful exterior trompe l'oeil mural. If you've never been to J's Crabshack, it's on Park Street in Hartford.  this photo is just a crappy iPhone shot. But until we get a professional photo, you get the idea. This mural took just under a year from start to finish. Mostly because we started it last fall and had to stop over the winter. The owners were not in a rush for it to be completed, so we worked on it alongside other projects. Trompe l'oiel is one of Tao's favorite ways to paint murals. He loves transforming architecture with a paintbrush the size of my pinky. Now, please stop reading this, go get some seafood and check out this mural in person. Art in real life is always better. 


Mural at J's