2018, a whirlwind year so far

Art of Tao LaBossiere is busy juggling our commercial art projects and the rebuild of Still Waters Retreat Center in Voluntown, CT.  Tao is the lead creative visionary and co-owner of Still Waters, while I handle the business side. We both dabble in the creative and business arenas, however, we each use our best strengths to create new artwork, build the creative community and facilitate healing for others. Here are a few things that Tao has visualized and created this year: 

• Trompe l'oiel outdoor stone mural
• Full porch wrap-around garden boxes
• Coat and hat racks made from 300-year old rustic barn wood
• Rustic end tables and a sliding kitchen door
• Crushed stone walking paths
• Stepping stone greenway installation on Goat Island
• Pond-side stone ceremonial platform infused with healing stones
   (see work in progress picture below)

and so much more. Follow Still Waters on Instagram and Facebook to see all the visuals and stay up to date. We'll do our best to post when possible. Thanks for checking us out! 

tao with stone.jpg



Welcome Home Community Mural

Led by master artist and Connecticut muralist Tao LaBossiere, the team of artists co-created a large-scale mural that celebrates what home means to them in the City of Hartford’s North End community. 

The artists and project planning team would like to thank the people and places of North Hartford that inspired “Welcome Home”. 

“Welcome Home” planning team: Thea Montanez of North Hartford Promise Zone, Tao & Amy LaBossiere of The Art of Tao LaBossiere, Patrick McKenna, Gina Muslim and John Thomas of Community Solutions; Ryan O’Halloran and Ron Pitz of Knox, Inc., and Gordon Scott of Scott’s Jamaican Bakery.

What goes into planning and creating a community mural?
Check out this video that highlights some of the process.